Thursday, November 12, 2009

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This "Trilogy" for the Mind, Body & Spirit contains tools, exercises and projects that I personally used to help to heal my-Self in all aspects of being 'human' ~ losing over 100 pounds and maintaining the loss for 20+ years, separating from abusive relationships, recovering from addictions and dis-ease, and completely changing my life path. These tools worked well for me, and I think that if you put yourself into it, you can utilize and design your own healing process to your own beliefs and challenges. These tools have been compiled, studied, utilized and designed by the works of over 50 well-known teachers and authors, popular in today's Self Help movement.

" In my own healing transition, Nutrition was my first priority. In 1984, I began detoxifying from alcohol and drugs, learning that my body was severely malnourished and riddled with Cancer. I sought to find a diet, lifestyle and plan of action to achieve Health and Well-being. My body amazingly had the strength and resilience to heal, once I put my mind to it. "

If you are discontented with the information and mindset of the "Majority" regarding the state of health and well-being of our human brethren and ourselves, then these books and their simplistic approach to taking responsibility and being proactive with your own health may just be what you are looking for.

Sailing through the 7C's

Beyond Symptoms

Puzzled Isles of Spirit

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